Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 16 - Birthdays, Buffets and Bistros

One of the main obstacles with office parties, buffet tables or eating out at a favorite bistro, is not knowing what’s on the menu. The key to overcoming these is pre-planning. Decide beforehand what you’re going to do. Will you eat a small slice of birthday cake and count the calories? Or perhaps fore go the high calorie cake and take your own (Weight Watchers snack cakes are very low in calories). At the buffet, rather than grazing, take a look at the whole table before choosing what you want to eat, load up on veggies if there are any, and once you have made your selection, step away from the table. Also, stay away from punches. They are often sugary and high in calories. I usually take bottled water with me to sip on. At a restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress for low calorie suggestions on the menu, or if you get a chance, check with the restaurant before you arrive.

There are lots of healthy weight loss tips for staying on the right track on American Health Association web site.

I wasn't sure where I would be eating for lunch and so I had a light breakfast and missed the mid-morning snack. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and I chose a chicken fajita wrap from the lite menu. I ate a few chips and sipped on water. The "wrap" was a flour tortilla and I decided not to eat that. I went over my calorie count for today but I'm comfortable with the choices I made.

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Jann said...

Looks like you are doing good. a pound a week will get you to your goal.


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