Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 19 - Metabolism

Metabolism calculator on Shape Up

On Training Routines it says your metabolism is like an emergency system. It moderates how much of what is needed to fuel your body. Too little fuel means that it needs to conserve burning fuel. It slows you down. Keep changing your routines to trick your body.

I'm nearly at the three week mark and apart from a couple of days where I went over my calorie intake, I've done quite well. Today, however, I felt hungry most of the day. I started off with cereal and milk and had grilled chicken and vegetables for lunch. For a snack I ate a granola bar and cantaloupe and some grapes. I didn't have any other healthy food and ate some chips from the vending machine which probably wasn't a good choice. This evening I walked for an hour and that curbed my appetite. My pedometer reached 17,588. Tomorrow I'll limit my exercise and just stick to 1,200 calories.

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