Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 23 - Reducing Sodium

Day 23 – Reducing Sodium
The maximum sodium intake per day recommended by The American Heart Association is 1,500 mg. Be more aware of sodium content especially in canned soups, and broths. Avoid salted nuts and chips. Many convenience foods and frozen dinners are also high in sodium, check the labels carefully. Try using spices and herbs instead of liberally sprinkling salt on food and if you are using canned foods, rinse before cooking/eating.

Although I was active today, I was in a snacking mood and stopped writing in my journal after lunch. I didn't have anything unhealthy but I know I ate too much. This morning I puttered around in the garden for a while, did some home repairs, and worked out on the elliptical this afternoon. I also did a few ab exercises.

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