Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 25 - Cut Out the White Stuff

Non-refined (whole grain) foods are a healthier choice and come with a higher source of fiber and other nutrients. Read the Mayo Clinic article here
White flour is chemically bleached and although the label may say “added nutrients” or “enriched flour,” these do not sufficiently replace the nutrients removed by processing. Look for whole grain or whole wheat on the nutrition label (it should be the first item).

There are different opinions on whether whole grain pasta is worth the added benefits of replacing white pasta. Both are processed and the whole grain pasta takes some getting used to.

Brown rice has a higher fiber content than white rice and contains more nutrients. Again, avoid chemically bleached foods.

Processed foods tend to adversely affect healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin so wherever possible cut out the white stuff and opt for whole grain. The result will be higher fiber, more nutrition and you will have fewer cravings and energy dips.

We walked this evening for 45 minutes and my pedometer was showing 13,808 steps when I arrived home. I was too hot and tired to eat very much but chopped up some red potatoes and zucchini (both fresh from the garden) and grilled them with a little olive oil. I sprinkled some cheese on the top. This evening I ate some fresh pineapple with vanilla yogurt. I'm finding that either some fruit or sugar free jello is all I really want in the evening.

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