Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 32 - Chocolate, Cheese and Chips

I have to stay away from the three “CHs”.

Cheese, chocolate and chips are all trigger foods, to use a Weight Watchers expression. I eat a piece and continue until they are all gone. Although grated cheese is more expensive to buy, if I have a block of cheese I will carve out chunks and so I opt for the grated kind. Chips I have to stay away from but chocolate has some healthy qualities. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and has been known to lower blood pressure. Half an ounce daily, with a content of 70% cocoa, can be good for you, but who can eat only an ounce of chocolate?

Last week-end I snacked far too much and didn't keep up with my journal. Today, I did much better. I started the day off with plain yogurt and blueberries, ate a carrot at mid-day then had salad with some grated cheese for lunch. This afternoon I munched on a fiber plus bar and for dinner scrambled eggs with a slice of toast. I'm well within my 1,200 calories and I also did 30 minutes of the Boot Camp DVD and 30 minutes elliptical.


Missy said...

I can't wait to go through your blog and find all the goodies you have stored here.

I like to add All-Bran to my yogurt, it adds to the full feeling.

Nice set up you have here. I'm also a creative writer, but my passion lies in poetry and flash-fiction. I have a poetic blog here if you're interested, if not then please stop by my weight blog as often as you'd like:) Thanks again for stopping by.

lv2scpbk said...

Ann, Thanks so much for your help with my blog badge and telling me how to do it. I will add you to my side bar. Top of the list. If you have a badge let me know and I will add it. If not, I will add you to my places I like to visit.

Now, about chocolate. I am another chocoholic. One of my friends told me to eat bakers chocolate. So when I'm really being good about trying to lose weight, I will snap off a square of semi-sweet baker's chocolate and then put just a tiny bit of peanut butter on it. And, Whoa La you have a peanut butter cup. Well, sort of but it does taste good and it's way better for you than the store bought candy bars. I like it.

lv2scpbk said...

P.S. Thanks for adding me to you sidebar.

lv2scpbk said...

Ann, Thanks so much for sending me the resized badge. Also, I tried to do it just like you said on paint. I could do it all except couldn't figure out how to get the whole picture in the resized amount. Is there some special way you're suppose to do this? I was all good with your directions except getting the photo all in the box.


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