Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 34 - Benefits of Yogurt

One serving of yogurt has a significant source of potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, Iodine, zinc and vitamin B5 along with good-for-you bacteria, says the article in this month’s Fitness Magazine. Greek yogurt seems to have other benefits including protein.

For more information on the benefits of yogurt, take a look at the following sites:
I didn't do too badly today. I have had better days and although it looks like my calorie count will be okay for the day I am too tired to exercise. My pedometer shows 10,600 steps so I seem to have been on my feet and walking more than I have realized. For dinner I chopped up some veggies and put them in a zip lock bag along with some seasonings and olive oil, shook it up to coat the veggies and am cooking them in the toaster oven. I'll add a little salsa and sour cream and eat along with some grilled chicken. I'm trying not to snack but it's 7:30 and I'm ready to eat!
I had vowed not to eat in front of the television but there's a replay of the USA v. Algeria World Cup game. It doesn't influence my enjoyment much if I know the outcome. In Titanic I rooted for the passengers until the end and hoped that it wouldn't sink. This time I know it's a good outcome and the U.S. won. Fortunately, there wasn't a referee in this game who thought he would just arbitrarily disallow goals.


anne h said...

I do my roasting in a toaster over, too.
I like LoCarb, AND I like yogurt -we are twins again!

lv2scpbk said...

Wow! Over 10,000 steps is alot. So that is exercise. Isn't 10,000 steps like walking 4 miles? I thought I read that somewhere. Do you know?

Cozy in Texas said...

I think it's 2,500 steps per mile so yes it's probably 4 miles.

Missy said...

I love eating Those Bran Flakes in my yogurt for breakfast. It's quite filling and seems to leave you feeling fuller longer.


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