Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 35 - Healthy Body Fat

Healthy body fat for a woman, according to Covert Bailey, is 22%. You can test your body fat here (you’ll need a tape measure). Keep track of your body fat, along with your measurements and check these periodically to check your progress. There are other calculators available on the Health Central web site.

I started off today with Greek yogurt, honey and 1/2 a banana. For lunch I ate grilled chicken and red and green peppers that I had sliced. I snacked on celery, an apple and a fiber plus bar, but when I got home I wanted carbs. I ate a cheese sandwich made with French bread and it was so good I ate another one. Now I'm too miserable to exercise. I did get to over 5,000 on my pedometer, but I regret undoing the healthy choices I have made by ending the day with too much bread. Still, not worth dwelling on, I'm hoping that the scales won't show too much of a budge in the wrong direction - tomorrow is weigh day.

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