Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 37 - Potassium

A healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables should provide all the potassium you need, but increased sodium intake can quickly deplete potassium levels in your body. If you eat potato chips before going to bed for example, you may find you’re awakened with leg cramps. By eating a tomato or a high potassium food along with those potato chips it could counteract the high sodium content in the late night snack. Potassium plays a big part in smooth muscle contraction. Beware of taking potassium supplements though, especially if you have kidney disease, as a high level of potassium could cause serious health problems. A better choice is a banana, yogurt or cantaloupe.
I started the day following the Biggest Loser Boot Camp workout for 30 minutes. I'm on the first phase which is recommended for two weeks. For lunch I ate a sandwich, veggies and fruit and a few crackers. I swam at a friend's house. I tried to stay in the deeper end and if I wasn't swimming was at least treading water and using the water resistance for arm exercises. Dinner was mixed vegetables cooked in a little olive oil in the toaster oven. I've stayed within 1,200 calories.

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lv2scpbk said...

I was in the pool this weekend too and trying to eat less.


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