Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 38 - When the Pounds Don't Come Off

Plateaus – You’ve heard that dreaded word before I’m sure. Your body adjusts and even if you are doing everything right nothing is happening.

During one Weight Watchers’ meeting, the leader compared the slow down of weight loss to a mountain climber. After an arduous climb they reach a point where the climbers camp for a few days to acclimatize themselves. That’s what a plateau is. You’ve reached a point where your body needs a rest. This is where a tape measure is a good tool. If you measured yourself at the beginning, then get it out and see where you are. Sometimes you may still be losing inches but not pounds and we need all the encouragement we can get.

Take a look at what you are eating. Do you have the same thing every day for breakfast, the same lunch, the same dinner? Make some changes, try something new. Take another look at the food pyramid from the Mayo Clinic web site here (you have to enter your info. to get to the pyramid). Perhaps you are eating too many bad carbs.

Whatever happens, keep going and just think of it as a little rest between mountain peaks. The summit is within reach.
A few days ago I went over on my calorie count for the day and rather than making me gain, I actually lost more. Sometimes just changing things, such as adding a few more calories makes a difference.
I had a challenge today. It was my neighbor's birthday and her favorite place to eat is Dairy Queen so a few of the other neighbors suggested we take her there for lunch. There isn't much on the menu for lunch under 600 calories. I decided to eat lunch before I went and checked on their nutrition sheet online. I selected a medium pineapple sundae which was 263 calories. To compensate I omitted the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. I enjoyed the "treat" and still stayed within my calories for the day. As an added plus I followed the Boot Camp DVD for 30 minutes this morning and used the elliptical for another 30 minutes so even if I had strayed a bit I would have still been okay. And I didn't miss the 1,000 calorie hamburger at all.

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