Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 52 - Protein

To maintain a weight loss, 25% of daily calories should be protein according to many studies. Protein keeps you feeling full longer. Look for lean forms of protein – chicken, tuna, and cottage cheese. The Mayo Clinic recommends 50-175 grams per day (The American Diabetes Association recommends lower amounts). Read more about protein on the Harvard School of Public Health web site here

I've noticed that many products are listing protein content these days. Greek yogurt is one source of protein. This is an area that I don't pay much attention to and end up not eating enough protein during the day.

Week-ends in particular are a downfall for me. Last night I attended a party and started off making good choices, but after putting a few chips on my plate along with some dip, it went downhill from there on. I had a couple of pieces of a delicious pecan bar and two small pieces of fudge. Of course, both of these showed up on the scale this morning. The healthy food - well, that will take a week to ten days to show up as a loss.

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anne h said...

It's always that way, innit!?
It takes a while to show up a correction.
But that's ok - we have a while!


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