Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 58 - Motivation

Without motivation it’s doubtful that we can undo years of bad habits and overeating. Look for something that will encourage you.

Start with small goals: It could be to lose 5 pounds, 10, or 20. Perhaps a new dress in a smaller size is a target to shoot for.

Sign up for an event and perhaps tie it in with a charity. My daughter and I walked the “Hot Dog Trot” 5k last year benefiting a local animal shelter.

Find someone to work toward the goal with you. Someone who is encouraging can help you overcome difficulties. It doesn’t have to be someone who lives close by – check out some blogs. I’ve “met” several bloggers whom I’m sharing the journey with.

Take a look at what you're doing when you have cravings. Is it when you are angry or frustrated? Find a non food treat that you can use during these times. Reward yourself with some “me” time and go for a long walk.

Don’t just pamper yourself only when you reach a goal, but schedule time to get a massage, a manicure or facial. Sometimes we need to feel encouraged when the scale doesn’t budge. Feeling good about yourself will boost your enthusiasm to continue toward your goal.

The scales showed a dip this morning and it urged me on to exercise more today. I started off on the elliptical for 35 minutes and swam for 40 minutes along with some walking/running in the pool. (A suggestion from the Fashion Meets Food blog)

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