Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 61 - Calorie Overload

Today started off well. I ate two scrambled eggs, had a whole grain feta cheese wrap for lunch. Ate cucumber and tomatoes, yogurt and fruit and almonds. None of this was bad, except this was my whole day meal plan and it was gone by 11:15. By the afternoon I was snacking on Doritos, ate some cantaloupe and decided to satisfy my craving for pizza by having half a mini pizza for dinner. I ate half but unfortunately two of them!

Some days I just want to snack all day and this was one of those days. I did manage to get some exercise in and did the Boot Camp DVD for 35 minutes and then the elliptical for 40 minutes. I could have gone on longer but one of the bolts kept falling off, and when I stopped to fix it the timer reset itself. I just have to accept that this was not a good day and start again tomorrow.

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thinspired said...

It happens. At least you know that all you can do is be better tomorrow!!


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