Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 66 - Portion Sizes

The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention NCCDP urges Americans to pay special attention to portion sizes at restaurants and in snack foods. These have all increased in the last 20 years. Not only are portion sizes larger when eating out, prepackaged meals/convenience foods have also increased. When buying snacks and convenience foods read the label carefully. What may seem like one serving might be labeled as a serving of two or more. Soft drinks hasn’t escaped this supersizing either.

I didn't write in my journal at all this week-end and I'm sure the scales will reflect that next week. I started working on decorating a room and decided to scrape all the ceiling popcorn off. In retrospect I should have pre-planned meals, but week-end time is precious and I tend to put my energies into getting things done rather than cooking healthy meals. Hopefully, climbing up and down a ladder and vigorously scraping the ceiling burned some calories!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thanks for the comment on the picture. I actually just put it up the other day (after lots of debate....). Your blog is great. I am excited to follow!


Jo said...

Portion size is at the top of my list of healthy habits. But not always easy to remember!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Donna B said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. Hope to keep up with yours. Portion size is top on my list of things to watch. IN fact, I should have NOT had that extra ear of corn for dinner!


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