Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 67 - Organic Fruit

The stickers on fruit show how the fruit was grown. Organic fruits show a five digit number beginning with 9. For example 94011 is the number for organic bananas. 4011 shows they are conventionally grown.

One of the things that I consider when eating fruit is the skin. Although I know apples are nutritious (including the skin) I usually cut the skin off because the fruit is often coated in a waxy substance to keep it "fresh" longer and also because of the pesticides. I'm going to look out for organic fruit in the future.

Today was another non-successful day. I didn't weigh this morning and although I didn't eat too badly, I did come home without much enthusiasm and had no energy to exercise. It's been a stormy day which has brought with it humidity and a slew of allergens. Perhaps after an early night I will have more enthusiasm tomorrow.

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