Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 72 - Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno

What we eat is 80% responsible for our body shape and weight says Tosca Reno, author of the Eat Clean Diet Although her book uses the word “diet” she specifies that this is a lifestyle change. Tosca Reno has noted how body builders and athletes eat and used the formula in her book. There is a list of eat clean principles one of which is to eat a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal. The formula for calculating the amount of protein needed each day is .36 grams per pound of weight. For most women this will be around 2 – 4 ounces of protein per day (more if you are active).

This book definitely follows the principals that I am working towards.

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purple_moonflower123 said...

I love this book. It has great principals and works along with Weight Watchers for me. I know Tosca doesn't promote calorie counting, persay, but I really need the structure that calorie counting gives me.


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