Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 79 - Week-End Goals

It's the week-end again which is always a struggle for me. I tend to do better with the week day structure, but my goal this week-end is to write everything down which is where I usually go astray. I started off the day with whole grain toast and attended a writing group meeting, (I took some healthy snacks - Clif Bar and some almonds). The meeting went on longer than usual and ended way past lunch time. At first I declined going to lunch with everyone. This is another area where I don't do well and a Mexican restaurant isn't the best place for me to be. Also, I had a half painted room to finish at home. I have to remind myself that life is about people, friends in particular, and tagged along for lunch after all - the room will still need painting tomorrow. I chose the fajita salad, which although it sounds healthy, probably wasn't, but as we ate late in the afternoon, I counted it as lunch and dinner and still came in at under 1,200 calories. Each day is filled with struggles, but I'm so glad I took today to spend with friends. I'm counting laughter as my exercise for today.

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Jennifer said...

Yes, each day has its own struggles. I find that when I am at home I am much more capable of keeping within my calorie limits. When I am out and not preparing my own food is when it gets tricky. But...I am not going to stay home all the time!

I think choosing to write down what you are eating is a great choice. Its when i started doing that that things started falling into place for me. Even if I snack on one simple cracker I count the 15 calories it is. I think you will find it quite eye opening like I did. And while it is tough in the beginning it is now like second nature to me!

You are doing great and making some awesome decsions!



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