Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 86 - Eating Out

Tonight I ate out with some friends at Razzoos. It's not the best place to eat for a nutritional/healthy meal, but I made good choices for my other meals today and exercised more than usual. I was unable to find any nutrition charts on this restaurant chain, but did find a blog that showed a letter from the Razzoos President. While he admitted that there were no nutrition facts for their menu he did suggest "Blackened Chicken? How about grilled chicken, lightly spiced, with white rice. A green dinner salad, no onions, no dressing or dressing on the side." His reasoning for not showing the calorie content of the Razzoos meals is that the meal content changes depending on the chef's choices, and the calories cannot be accurately counted, which can probably be said for most restaurants. I chose the chopped salad with lite Italian dressing on the side and drank water.

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Joy said...

Way to go. Great choice!

It is our 23 wedding anniversary today. My hubby and I wanted to go out last Friday to celebrate, but decided that our food tastes better and we know what we are getting. So we made steak, garlic potatoes, stir fry yellow beets, onions, carrots and mushrooms and bread. Not too low calorie, but small portions and we had a blast cooking together and remember the fun we've had all these years. No fun going out anymore.


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