Monday, September 6, 2010

Goal Day

I didn't reach my goal of 25 pounds but I did find that by setting a goal I lost far more than I ever have with weight loss plans. Blogging has definitely helped and thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and offered advice.

Exercise: Although you can lose weight by cutting down calories, exercise definitely boosts calorie loss and if your goal is not only to lose weight but achieve a healthier body then exercise is a must. I am much more active than I was in May. Now the weather is cooling a little, I'll get out and walk more, but I have a few exercise DVDs and will also use those. The mornings are not a good time for me to exercise, but I try and exercise as soon as I get home from work and before I can think of too many excuses not to. Pedometers help too and often I can rack up quite a few steps just by using the stairs during the day instead of the elevator, and walking at the mall at lunch time.

Food: I've found that working out maximum calories per meal helps me. For instance, I don't eat more than 200 calories for breakfast and 250 for lunch. I add in two 100 calorie snacks during the day - you get the picture. I do change this occasionally but it helps me if I eat out to know approximately how many to have for each meal. It also insures that I have enough calories for the evening meal. 1,200 calories seems to be the maximum I can eat without gaining weight. This obviously will fluctuate depending on the amount of exercise. I'm making healthier choices and not eating as much processed food.

Snacking: I'm trying to eat more fruit as a snack, rather than processed food, but I do keep some fiber plus bars or granola bars handy when I don't have fresh fruit at hand.

Results (Memorial Day to Labor Day):
Total Loss: 20 pounds
Total Inches Lost: 15.5
BMI: From 34.94 to 32.84 (needs to be lower than 25)
Waist to Hip Ratio: From .84 to .85 (this actually went up, but still remains under .88)

This is by no means the end of the journey and I plan to continue with the 30 Day Shred and then concentrate on at least maintaining until the end of the year before setting another goal.


carla said...

the latter? the second? for deciding to maintain for a while before launching a new!goal!

from what Ive seen my most successful clients frequently took that approach as well.


Joanne said...

Congrats. You've done great, learned a lot, and are on a new life trend. Continue to maintain the new healthier YOU!


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