Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolutions Gone Wrong

Along with the new year came a virus, not a computer virus, but a full blown cold with coughing and all that other nasty stuff. Not one, but all my resolutions fell by the wayside. I had no energy. Couldn't stop coughing long enough to do much of anything and craved carbs. Nothing except varied colors of beige touched my lips. So much for the five servings of colorful fruit and veggies a day.  I'm finally feeling a little better and will dust off the resolutions and start again. You don't have to begin a life change on a Monday, on the first of January, or any other specific time. It's about picking yourself up and starting again. Meanwhile, I'm going to pamper myself, get truly well, and not do any more exercise than dusting off the elliptical.

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