Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whole 30 - Day 7 - End of the First Week

First week update

Weight Loss: 3 pounds
Inches Lost: 1

I attended a birthday party and managed to avoid cake, chips and other items that weren't part of the Whole 30 plan. Instead I snacked on grapes, strawberries and carrots.
I usually don't eat much protein and tend to grab a Lean Cuisine or make a sandwich for dinner so it was a huge change to cook meals and add protein/meat into every meal.
I'm not a big dairy consumer (milk), but did miss cheese and yogurt.

Plan for meals. I'm making larger batches of meals and freezing them so that I'm not caught without a meal when time is tight. Kalyn's Kitchen has a lot of good recipes for the Paleo Diet, just make sure the ingredients are within the Whole 30 program guidelines.
If you're serious about the Whole 30 Program, buy the book. There's a lot of information (science-y stuff) that helps you to understand how to eat for a healthier body.
Keep a copy of the Whole 30 Shopping List with you when you shop and when you eat at a restaurant. One tip a friend gave me was to order a salad and hamburger when eating out (don't eat the bun). Choose oil and vinegar dressing if possible.

Scrambled eggs

Salmon (wild caught)
Butternut squash

Bar-b-que restaurant -
Sliced beef sandwich (I discarded the bun)
Green beans


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