Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chemicals Found in Skin Creams

The more I read about trying to eat a healthy diet the more confused I get. Unless you are growing your own fruits and vegetables, raising chickens and cows and keeping a diligent eye on them, it's extremely difficult to get food in your body without lots of added chemicals.

If that isn't problem enough, skin creams which we put on the biggest body organ - our skin - is laden with chemicals and carcinogens.

Here are a few sites to take a look at to make better choices in what to buy and put on your body.

Safe Cosmetics Without Carcinogens
Good Guide
EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep
Ingredients to Avoid
Urbanette Recommended Cosmetics
Search for Product Contents (Note a rating of 10 is the best)
Dangerous Ingredients in Bath and Body Products

On the Bath & Body Works fine fragrance mist I have it does show "not tested on animals" but does not show ingredients on the label.

If you are concerned with animal welfare, choose products with PETA leaping bunny Logos

One thing I did find in my bathroom cabinet that is devoid of chemicals is Dickinsons Witch Hazel which contains All natural distilled witch hazel, natural grain alcohol 14% and witch hazel extract - "We never test on animals".
The Ponds Cold Cream I use as a makeup remover has a rating of low to medium with Triethanolamine having the medium rating.

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