Thursday, July 13, 2017

Health Organization Diets

Sometime ago I recommended going to specific health organizations for a healthy diet, but I didn't think that recommendation through. America, I've often found, runs on money and greed and apparently health organizations are no different. According to What the Health what you need to check is the sponsors of those organizations. For instance, dairy products have been linked on some studies to breast cancer and yet Susan G. Koman, which is supposedly fighting breast cancer, is sponsored by Dannon (dairy) and Monsato (GMO seeds).
A reporter on the What the Health documentary tried unsuccessfully to talk to upper management of the Diabetes Association  about diet (the manager walked away and declared the interview over). Confused, the reporter checked on the Diabetes Association sponsors. Animal protein is found to be a contributor of diabetes (according to studies quoted in What the Health) and yet many recipes on the association's site contain animal products. Drug companies are a major sponsor and obviously it isn't in their best interest to recommend a healthy diet over drugs. Also, dairy farmers, meat producing organizations, poultry farms and many others both sponsor health organizations and spend a fortune on lobbyists who manage to get laws passed regardless of whether it harms the public or not.
I guess the only hope we have is to dig up the back yard, buy heirloom seeds and grow your own vegetables!

If you have any suggestions/recommendations, please leave a comment.

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MaryFran said...

I don't know that I have any recommendation other than to say that all of these organizations offer good advice....good tools...and good support. As consumers we need to pick and choose the plans and information that we find. I personally recommend a mix of everything....and as natural and organic as possible!!!!


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