Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What the Health

In addition to my constant battle to lose pounds, I'm also trying to make healthier choices which you would think would be an easy task, but with the way meat and poultry is processed and the GMO in fruits and vegetables, it gets more confusing the deeper you delve.
Netflix has quite a few documentaries on the food industry and the latest one I watched was What the Health. The recommendation is a plant based diet. It was suggested, based on studies, that meat and poultry along with dairy products increases the risk of both prostate and breast cancer. Doctors and health organizations tend to help with managing a disease and not prevention (doctors rarely have any nutritional training). One hospital where the reporter had scheduled an interview with a cardiologist refused the reporter and camera crew entry. Their reasoning was that both the doctor and the hospital make money from surgeries and talking about diet to the patients would lose them money!

WHAT THE HEALTH from AUM Films & Media on Vimeo.

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MaryFran said...

That has been my main focus of late....being healthy versus losing weight... (although I have a weight loss goal for this month)


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