Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Toenail Fungus Cures

Toenail fungus is not a very desirable subject to discuss, but something that most of us have to deal with at some point (I think mine resulted from swimming pools). I tried lots of different suggestions to cure the toenail fungus so I'm not sure which eventually worked, and although doctors usually prescribe some medication I chose to not take anything orally (the side effects of some tablets can cause liver damage)
The pharmacist suggested a brush on liquid which contained tolnaflate and as I already had athlete's foot cream containing it, decided to use that.
Even if you are able to treat the fungus, usually your nail has to grow out before you see results which can take several months.
Other things to take into account is diet. Eliminating sugar and minimizing gluten should help your body fight fungus and try to include anti-fungal foods: garlic, onion, coconut oil, honey, carrots.
Also add probiotic foods: Kefir, Greek yogurt.

Suggestions I found online:

  1. Apply the infected area with coconut oil and let soak 15 minutes (add a few drops of oregano oil for extra benefit).
  2. Foot bath with one part vinegar and one part Epsom salts to 6 parts water.
  3. Cider vinegar and warm water
The Science of Eating has great tips for not only toenail fungus cures, but healthy eating.

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MaryFran said...

I had this issue and for the life of me I can’t remember what the doctor had me do...but my doctor knows that I hate taking meds..so she advised some home remedy..

Cider vinegar...that stuff is the cure all!!! Look up a home rememsy and it will probably include cider vinegar!!!


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