Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 76 - Guide to using herbs and spices

Spice up your food with:

Basil -Italian foods (especially tomatoes, pasta, chicken, fish and shellfish)
Bay leaf - Bean or meat stews and soups
Caraway - Cooked vegetables such as beets, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, turnips and winter squash
Chervil - French cuisine, fish, shellfish, chicken, peas, green beans, tomatoes and salad greens
Chili powder - Bean or meat stews and soups
Chives - Sauces, soups, baked potatoes, salads, omelets, pasta, seafood and meat
Cilantro - Mexican, Latin American and Asian cuisine; Rice, beans, fish, shellfish, poultry, vegetables, salsas and salads
Cumin - Curried vegetables, poultry, fish and beans
Curry - Indian or southeast Asian cuisine; Lamb or meat-based dishes and soups
Dill (fresh) - Seafood, chicken, yogurt, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and beets
Dill (seeds) - Rice and fish dishes
Ginger (dried) - Rick, chicken and marinades
Mace - Baked goods, fruit dishes, carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower
Marjoram - Tomato-based dishes, fish, meat, poultry, eggs and vegetables
Oregano - Italian and Greek cuisine; Meat and poultry dishes
Paprika - Spanish dishes, potatoes, soups, stews, baked fish and salad dressings
Rosemary - Mushrooms, roasted potatoes, stuffing, ripe melon, poultry and meats (especially grilled)
Sage - Poultry stuffing, chicken, duck, pork, eggplant, and bean stews and soups
Tarragon - Chicken, veal, fish, shellfish, eggs, salad dressings, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots
Thyme - Fish, shellfish, poultry, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, mushrooms, potatoes, and summer squash
Turmeric - Indian cuisine; Adds color and taste to potatoes and light-colored vegetables

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Joanne said...

you're doing great. I know it's hard to keep it interesting, but keep up the good work.


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