Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated Candy Stock Photography - Image: 21223152For years I've believed that calories are the only consideration when trying to lose weight and reducing health risks, but I recently watched Sugar Coated on Netflix. Although the sugar industry will have you believe that there are only a few calories in a spoonful of sugar, the consumption in the U.S. is well beyond the recommended daily intake and the result has been linked to diabetes and other major health issues. I've been using MyFitnessPal which gives you a breakdown of nutritional consumption, they calculate 15% of daily calorie intake as a recommendation for sugar (refined and natural). Childhood obesity is higher than ever with sugared sodas and sugar laden processed foods. Apparently, we can't rely on the labels either. Sugar Coated compares the sugar industry to tobacco in the way we have been led to believe that both tobacco and sugar are not harmful to our health.

Sugar Coated Trailer from The Cutting Factory on Vimeo.


MaryFran said...

So many more things than calories. For me I have to monitor my intake of carbs!!! (And I love carbs!!)

Sherry Ellis said...

It's scary how much sugar is in food!


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